We are International Youth Developers, a global outreach aim at developing positive future leaders in different walks of life, ensuring capacity development in today’s youth. It is all about our young people “leaping” into their places of excellence for all the areas of their life. IYD trains young people to soar high as eagles amidst all the storms they may be facing in their journey of life.

In this era of increasing population, fewer jobs, little help from the authorities, the only way to keep young people out of crime is dedicated instruction and empowerment. The lack of role model has lures young people into wrong believes and misplacement of priority. IYD intends to assist young people in realising their strength and channelling it in the right direction. It is as simple as giving guided, but, total right to young people.

IYD offers various youth training conferences and fun-factory meetings. At these meetings, young people learn to develop their visions, values, set realistic timely goals, develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills, as well as develop their capacities to make a positive impact in our world. We also have other youth gatherings ranging from Sport competitions to IYD mentoring programmes.

Think about this: someday soon, the young ones will be handling the leadership of this great country and their homes. The question is: How will you prepare your child for the real world?

Every child has hopes and dreams. But for millions, misplaced priorities and wrong choices often voiced by uninformed media and peers steals their dreams. You can give your children a chance of a lifetime to make a REAL difference in the world around them when they come for these conferences’ and are impacted positively like some of the kids whose testimonials you will see in the testimonials section.



  • I FACTOR school tour

I Factor is a personal safety programme that equips young school aged people on the HSE of life. From academics, self-esteem, relationship to finance. This is specially tailored to suit every individual’s needs, with a scope that covers on where they are today and a futuristic view of where they could be tomorrow. With real life case studies (personalities), we would have discussion forums, draw the lessons learnt (Did all work as the case studies had planned, how and why not?) and a presentation of our MY LIFE SAFETY PLAN AND ROAD MAP.

Attending this hilarious and thoughtful school  will compel our younger generation to think about the meaning and importance of life, how they can make a positive change in their individual lives and how that can positively impact their communities and the world at large and finally, plan towards a rewarding and optimistic future after school.

  • IYD Youth Conferences

These are a series of monthly leadership and entrepreneurial live and webinar based conferences. They take place one Saturdays of each month. These events are aimed at empowering young people to achieve their greatest positive dreams and become the new positive change-agents which we really need in our society. It is tailored to suit ages 10 – 21years old.

  • Customised IYD Conferences

This the same as the IYD conferences however it is organised to suit the developmental / corporate social responsibility (CSR) need of the sponsor. A good example is organising a Leadership conference for a business (as sponsors) in relations to their CSR activities for young people of whatever class in any location.

Our Impact

  • We have trained young people to be polite, disciplined and develop good moral values so that they can be a shining light to other young people and a positive role model in our schools and communities
  • We impact the homeless positively by collaborating with individuals and families to raise funds to provide food, drinks and toiletries for homeless people. We provided them Christmas presents. The young people went around streets and neighbourhood sharing their love with homeless and providing some of their needs.

IYD provides a platform for individuals, companies and corporate organisations to collaborate in community building by preparing our future leaders and entrepreneurs. Some of our partners include university, professional, technological bodies and more. We always happy to collaborate with NEW partners and companies.